San Diego Schedule

Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice

University of San Diego

Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies

5998 Alcalá Park

San Diego, CA 92110

The conference schedule is designed for you, as the attendee, to get the full experience while you are in San Diego.

Friday, May 11, 2018


7:00 – 8:00
Breakfast/Sign In/Registration

8:00 – 9:15
Welcome: Jimmy Casas
Opening Keynote: Dave Burgess

9:15 – 9:25

9:25 – 10:25
Concurrent Sessions A: Jimmy Casas, Katie Martin, Garnet Hillman, Erin Klein, Shelley Burgess

10:25 – 10:35

10:35 – 11:35
Concurrent Sessions B: Jeff Zoul, Katie Martin, Garnet Hillman, Erin Klein, Shelley Burgess

11:35 – 12:15

12:15 – 1:15
General Session Keynote: Todd Whitaker

1:15 – 1:25

1:25 – 2:25
Concurrent Sessions C:  Jeff Zoul, Katie Martin, Garnet Hillman, Erin Klein, Shelley Burgess


2:35 – 3:30
Closing Keynote: Todd Whitaker
Closing Remarks: Jeff Zoul


Todd Whitaker

What Great Educators Do Differently
What are the specific qualities and practices of great educators that elevate them above the rest? This session reveals what the most effective teachers and administrators do differently than their colleagues.  Participants will focus on what the most successful educators do . . . that others do not. Everyone will leave knowing what great educators do differently, why these things make them more effective, and learn how to immediately implement each of these into your own classrooms and schools.

Erin Klein

Great Educators Share the Student Voice
Klein has spent the past year capturing inspirational moments of children shining through helping others learn. Klein shares examples of children who are helping one another in creative ways. See how highlighting student voice can support classroom practices and create a more student-centered learning environment.

Great Educators Design Brain-Friendly, Beautiful Classrooms
Are you looking for easy and creative ideas for your best classroom ever? Erin Klein shares creative ways you can organize your classroom and create unique spaces, all in the service of helping children learn.  Erin demonstrates ways to enhance current instructional practices and increase active engagement, while differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all learners.  Erin explains the fundamental elements of creating space that is developmentally appropriate for today’s learners and discusses how to begin the process of rethinking your re-design. She shares easy and manageable tips to get started, and shows several examples of thoughtfully-designed learning environments.  Attendees learn how to get started with setting your room up for success, simple tricks to make a big impact, and affordable ways to set up a brain-friendly space.

Garnet Hillman

Great Educators Grade For Learning
Grading practices have a substantial impact on learning environments, let’s make sure it is a positive one! When we move grades to the background, learning can take its rightful place at center stage. This session will explore the key tenets of standards based grading and how they support student learning and engagement. Participants will gain a general understanding of standards based practices and school/classroom application ideas. Examples from the field will be shared as well as rationale for a change to healthy grading practices that support learning.

Great Educators Know How to Let Go
Let’s face it, allowing students take control of the classroom can be very scary. Giving students autonomy in not only how they learn, but also in the demonstration of knowledge and skills is extremely powerful for them. This session examines the amazing transformation that happens when students take ownership of their learning. Ideas and examples will be shared – it’s time to let go! Participants will learn about various ways to incorporate student voice and choice in the classroom. From small steps to more significant change everyone can find a way to turn learning over to the students!

Dave Burgess

Teach Like a PIRATE
Join New York Times Best-Selling author Dave Burgess for a high-energy, entertaining, and inspirational program that will transform the way you look at your role as an educator. Learn how to dramatically increase student engagement, design wildly creative lessons, and build a course that is a life-changing experience for your students.

Using a unique combination of magic and humor, he will reignite your passion for the education profession and show you exactly how to make school an amazing place that has students wanting to knock down the walls to get in.

Teach Like a PIRATE has sparked a full-scale revolution in the educational world and has inspired teachers from all over the globe to achieve new levels of excellence in their schools and classrooms. This program is your chance to experience the one-of-a-kind presentational style of unbelievable intensity and outrageous energy that has transfixed audiences at packed venues across the nation.  

Shelley Burgess

Lead Like a PIRATE
Learn dynamic strategies to inspire staff, dramatically transform school culture, and build schools where students and staff are running to get in rather than out. This uplifting and motivational session demonstrates how to take the revolutionary ideas from Teach Like a PIRATE and supercharge them for educational leaders. You will walk away from this session with the courage and practical ideas to become the kind of leader you’ve always hoped you could be.

Participants will leave this session with:

  • Ideas to help leaders ignite passion and tap into the inner genius of their team in order to encourage risk-taking, learning and growth
  • Strategies to help leaders maximize their time and spend most of their time doing the work that has the greatest impact on teacher growth and student learning
  • Actions to help leaders earn trust…not lose it
  • Models for how to transform professional learning in their schools

Great Educators Transform Teaching and Learning Through ANCHOR Conversations
Exceptional coaching is a game-changer! If you want to change the teaching and learning culture in your school, then you need to change the conversations you have you with your crew. In this session, join Lead Like a PIRATE co-author Shelley Burgess who will introduce you to a powerful coaching model you can begin to implement tomorrow.  Learn how to move from the “fix-it”, judgmental, evaluative conversations that leave teachers feeling defensive and do little to change practice to rich, dynamic, collaborative conversations that supercharge thinking and dramatically transform teaching and learning on your campus.

Participants will leave this session with:

  • A powerful, easy to implement coaching model you can use tomorrow
  • Strategies for delivering meaningful feedback that improves practice
  • Collaborative conversation techniques that build trust and rapport rather than erode it
  • Easy and effective ways to get into more classrooms more often

Jeff Zoul

Great Educators Teach and Lead for Excellence
Excellent teachers lead and excellent leaders teach. Excellent teachers and excellent leaders have much more in common, including the 4 key behaviors they exhibit on a daily basis: They Know the Way, Show the Way, Go the Way, and Grow Each Day. Whether leading students or staff, these amazing educators know that in order to lead effectively, we must Start. Right. Now. In this session, you will explore the importance of teaching and leading from a framework of core values and discover ways to act upon these values to improve the climate and culture of your classroom, school, or district. Learn new ways to inspire others, build capacity, model success behaviors, and grow professionally each and every day.

Great Educators Connect to Innovate
Changes in education are occurring like never before. In order to keep up with everything that is happening, we need to learn from colleagues both near and far. In this session, you will learn what connected educators do differently to learn and grow with fellow educators around the world and how, by doing so, you can change your life–and the lives of those you teach and lead–for the better. Learn 8 key differences that help connected educators thrive, including how to create and maintain a meaningful Personal Learning Network, the power of blogging, using Twitter for professional growth, and establishing personalized learning opportunities not only for students, but for staff.

Jimmy Casas

Great Educators Never Settle for the Status Quo
Have we reached the point where we are content with the status quo?  What does organizational average mean for our kids, for our schools, and ultimately for our school communities? This begs the more important question we should always ask when we are confronted by the status quo.  What are we doing about it?  As school leaders it is our responsibility to not allow average to become our standard, but the idea of challenging the status quo can seem daunting, overwhelming to many.  In this session, teachers and administrators will learn how to move beyond the status quo and re-define the purpose of the work you do so you will aspire for nothing short of excellence.

Great Educators Hire for Excellence
There is nothing more important than hiring the right people, people who want to be excellent! However, are you modeling excellence during the interview process? Do you approach the hiring process with the intention of establishing a meaningful relationship with each candidate? What are the candidates saying about you and your school once they leave the interview? In this session Jimmy will share 8 Tips to Improve Your Hiring Practices, leaving candidates looking back after they complete the interview process saying, “I wish I could work for the organization. They are first class!”

Katie Martin

Great Educators Evolve to Meet the Needs of Learners in a Changing World
Most educators in our schools and district offices have gone through their own education without the access and opportunities that exist today. Access to technology has transformed how we learn and interact with the one another. To meet the needs of the learners in our classrooms today and align school with the world we live in there is a need to embrace new mindsets about learning, along with new tools and resources available to make these shifts across diverse classrooms. Making these shifts requires more than equipping schools with technology or creating creative learning spaces, instead, it is about us, as educators, evolving to meet the needs of those we serve.
Participants will leave this sessions with:

  • Examples of professional learning that will empower educators to learn and evolve to meet the needs of learners they serve
  • Ideas to shift your mindset and those of others to make desire changes in your context
  • Strategies to leverage the strengths and talents to make desired shifts.

Great Educators Create Projects that Spark Curiosity, Ignite Passion, and Unleash Talent
When we tell kids to complete an assignment, we get compliance. When we empower kids to engage in authentic project based learning and make an impact on the world, we inspire problem solvers and innovators. If done well, projects based learning can provide authentic contexts and experiences for learners to develop skills and content knowledge aligned with desired outcomes.  We will focus on the characteristics of learner-centered innovation and how we can create experiences that spark curiosity, ignite passion, and unleash genius.
Participants will leave this sessions with:

  • A deepend sense of purpose and passion for your role of educator
  • Models of projects that will empower learners
  • Examples and strategies to create learner centered experiences and a desire to try something new