New Jersey Schedule

The conference schedule is designed for you, as the attendee, to get the full experience while you are in New Jersey.


New Jersey
October 13th, 2018
Egg Harbor Township High School
24 High School Drive
Egg Harbor Township New Jersey, 08234

Saturday, October 13th, 2018

7:45 – 8:15
Breakfast/Sign In/Registration
8:15 – 9:25
Welcome: Jimmy Casas
Opening Keynote: Todd Whitaker
9:35 – 10:35
Concurrent Sessions A: Jeff Zoul, Robert Dillon, A. J. Juliani, LaVonna Roth, Pernille Ripp, Laura Fleming
10:45 – 11:55
Concurrent Session B: Jimmy Casas, Robert Dillon, A. J. Juliani, LaVonna Roth, Pernille Ripp, Laura Fleming
11:55 – 1:15
Lunch and Plenary Session with Todd Whitaker
1:25 – 2:25
Concurrent Session C: Jimmy Casas, Robert Dillon, A. J. Juliani, LaVonna Roth, Pernille Ripp, Laura Fleming
2:35 – 3:35
Concurrent Session D: Jeff Zoul, Robert Dillon, A. J. Juliani, LaVonna Roth, Pernille Rip, Laura Fleming

Jeff Zoul

Great Educators Teach and Lead for Excellence
Excellent teachers lead and excellent leaders teach. Excellent teachers and excellent leaders have much more in common, including the 4 key behaviors they exhibit on a daily basis: They Know the Way, Show the Way, Go the Way, and Grow Each Day. Whether leading students or staff, these amazing educators know that in order to lead effectively, we must Start. Right. Now. In this session, you will explore the importance of teaching and leading from a framework of core values and discover ways to act upon these values to improve the climate and culture of your classroom, school, or district. Learn new ways to inspire others, build capacity, model success behaviors, and grow professionally each and every day.

Jimmy Casas

Culturize – Every Student. Every Day. Whatever it Takes.
Eradicate Average! CULTURIZE Your School. Average schools don’t inspire greatness–and greatness is what our world needs if we are going to produce world-changing learners. In this presentation author and education leader Jimmy Casas shares insights into what it takes to cultivate a community of learners who embody the innately human traits our world desperately needs, such as kindness, honesty, and compassion. His stories reveal how these “soft skills” can be honed while meeting and exceeding academic standards of twenty-first-century learning and re-define the purpose of the work you do so you will aspire for nothing short of excellence!

Robert Dillon

Great Educators Give Students the Space to Learn
Learning is changing and accelerating at a dizzying pace. It is requiring a rethink of all aspects of the learning journey. One area that remains led by inertia and momentum is the concept of learning spaces. How can we develop new mental models around learning spaces as a catalyst for disruptive changes in formal and informal learning. We need to be ready to respond when our modern learners say “give us space to learn.”

Our aging education infrastructure has most learning institutions thinking deeply about the future of learning spaces. They are asking whether brick and mortar learning will remain at the core of student learning or will great disruptions from virtual learning forever impact. No matter where folks land on this, there will always be space needed for learning. This conversation explores how to develop classrooms, schools and districts with intention and a designer’s mindset.

Great Educators Consider “The Twenty” to Make Lasting Change
The research around educational change continues to gather around some key core issues. Issues that can truly transform a classroom and a school. “The Twenty” is a session that looks at the big levers of change that great educators have in their control. It includes practical tips and ideas on how to begin the process of changing the way that we think and do learning with students. “The Twenty” challenges us with the idea that many of the solutions are out there, and we can’t ignore their potential in changing the way that schools are designed for students and communities. Great educators are learning that a focus on “the twenty” with baby steps around all of them at the same time can lead to a tidal wave of fresh energy and ideas for the classroom.

LaVonna Roth

Great Educators Ignite the S.H.I.N.E. in All They Do
This is a FUNshop where all will experience PD like never before! Motivating, involved and focused on how EVERY child is gifted and talented in their own way, as is every individual in a school. This experience is all about our obligation in finding, fostering and flourishing that gift so students have pride and a mindset that believes in their ability and future. No student fits into a box of reading, writing, math and science. They are more than that! They are a whole child. Thus, we focus on Self, Heart (passion), how to Inspire and Navigate our journey to create the exceptional people our students are meant to be.

Great Educators Engage the Brain to Maximize Learning… Not Compliance
Zzzzz… This is not the sound any of us want to hear in our classroom! Yet, some days the sound can get pretty close to this. So how do we make it a sound of buzzing? This session is a great start, because there will be strategies embedded from the moment we start to the moment we end. Learn about how the brain learns first, then experience specific strategies to embed into any content and any grade level- and with ease! Your students will be engaged and so will you! Administrators, take these strategies to liven up your faculty meeting and model through instructional leadership at the same time. BOOM! Mic drops will be occurring in your faculty meetings or classroom after attending this session with takeaways you can implement immediately! Are you ready? I hope so, because this is no sit-and-get!

Pernille Ripp

Great Educators Engage and Empower Students to Become Passionate Learners
Would you want to be a student in your own classroom? In this session, based on the book Passionate Learners: How to Engage and Empower Your Students, 7th-grade teacher Pernille Ripp will help both novice and seasoned educators create a positive, interactive learning environment where students drive their own academic achievement. You’ll discover how to make fundamental changes to your classroom so learning becomes an exciting challenge rather than a frustrating ordeal. Attendees will discover practical strategies for how to build a working relationship with your students based on mutual trust, respect, and appreciation, be attentive to your students’ needs and share ownership of the classroom with them, and break out of the vicious cycle of punishment and reward to control student behavior. Whether you are just beginning or well on your way in your teaching career, this session is meant to inspire you, help you take some risks, and eagerly pursue your journey toward a classroom filled with passionate learners.

Great Educators Engage and Empower the Staff Within Our Schools
For administrators and those who work with teachers, this session is focused on ways to help staff feel empowered, engaged, and excited to work with students. From more meaningful staff interactions to building a culture of trust that reverberates within classroom work, this session is meant to inspire, as well as provide practical ways for your school or district to take it to the next level.

Todd Whitaker

What Great Educators Do Differently
What are the specific qualities and practices of great leaders that elevate them above the rest? This session reveals what the most effective leaders do differently than their colleagues. Participants will focus on what the most successful leaders do . . . that others do not. Everyone will leave knowing what great leaders do differently, why these things make them more effective, and learn how to immediately implement each of these into your own classrooms, schools, and districts.

A. J. Juliani

Great Educators Empower Students to Own Their Learning
Kids begin their learning journey as curious problem solvers who ask questions and create solutions. As they go through school, something happens to many of our students, and they begin to play the game of school, eager to be compliant and follow a path instead of making their own. As teachers, leaders, and parents, we have the opportunity to be the guide in our kids’ education and unleash the creative potential of each and every student. In a world that is ever changing, our job is not to prepare students for something; instead, our role is to help students prepare themselves for anything.

Great Educators LAUNCH into Design Thinking: How to Bring Out the Maker in Every Student
Creative work can be hard. It can be challenging. It can sometimes be overwhelming to try and plan and incorporate into the classroom. Yet, we know our students are going to have to be more creative than ever to successfully thrive in today’s world. This talk shares how design thinking can provide a structure for creative teaching and learning, and how this process can empower our students to do remarkable work inside our schools right now.

Laura Fleming

Great Educators Create GREAT Makerspaces
There are makerspaces, and then there are GREAT makerspaces! In this session, based on the book The Kickstart Guide to Making GREAT Makerspaces, educator Laura Fleming will demystify the process for planning and creating a GREAT makerspace. Get the nuts and bolts on imagining, planning, creating, and managing a cutting-edge Makerspace for your school community. Gain practical ideas, activities and strategies for inspiring making across the curriculum, and leave this session with a ready-to-implement plan, personalized for your classroom, school, or district.

Great Educators Maximize Inquiry in Their Makerspaces
The makerspace world has become inundated with STEM kits and projects that require step-by-step directions. This session offers participants hands-on activities that showcase the power of making, tinkering, design and engineering. Gain strategies for boosting the maker skills of your students, and for unleashing student creativity. Learn how to use effective prompting strategies to challenge students to higher-level thinking skills and to boost creativity.