Houston Schedule

Thursday, October 24, 2019

7:45 – 8:15
Breakfast/Sign In/Registration

8:15 – 9:30
Welcome: Jeff Zoul
Opening Keynote: Dwayne Reed

9:40 – 10:40
Concurrent Sessions A: Kelly Croy, Pat Adkins, Tony Sinanis, Lissa Pijanowski, Sean Gaillard, Dan Butler, Courtney Orzel, Rosa Perez-Isiah

10:50 – 11:50
Concurrent Sessions B: Kelly Croy, Pat Adkins, Tony Sinanis, Lissa Pijanowski, Sean Gaillard, Dan Butler, Courtney Orzel, Rosa Perez-Isiah, Dwayne Reed

11:50 – 1:00

1:15 – 2:15
Concurrent Sessions C: Kelly Croy, Pat Adkins, Tony Sinanis, Lissa Pijanowski, Sean Gaillard, Dan Butler, Courtney Orzel, Rosa Perez-Isiah, Jeff Zoul

2:25 – 3:25
Concurrent Sessions D: Kelly Croy, Pat Adkins, Tony Sinanis, Lissa Pijanowski, Sean Gaillard, Dan Butler, Courtney Orzel, Rosa Perez-Isiah, Dwayne Reed

Jeff Zoul Session

Great Educators are Change Agents
As school leaders, we must regularly ask ourselves: Have we grown complacent? Have we settled for the status quo? Rather than asking how we can simply function more effectively, we must ask ourselves how we must function differently. Doing things better is good. Doing better things is even better. In education, we always have and always will strive to do things better. The time is now, however, to also do better things. You will learn what it takes to raise expectations schoolwide, foster the belief in one’s ability to achieve, and create an environment where everyone—students, staff, parents, and the community—takes pride in supporting each other through inevitable times of change to ensure a commitment to excellence and ongoing improvement.

Dwayne Reed

Teaching Phenom and educational activist, Dwayne Reed, has been crisscrossing the globe, promoting his message of love and equity in education. After seeing viral success with the release of his educational music video, “Welcome to the 4th Grade,” and appearing on Good Morning America, CNN, and MTV’s TRL, Reed has been on a mission to convince the world that relationships mean everything in education, and that every child, no matter their race or social status, deserves a fair chance at a quality education. Mr. Reed spends his free time writing educational songs, playing basketball, and ‘chillin’ in his neighborhood,’ on the Westside of Chicago.

Twitter Handle: @TeachMrReed

Dwayne Reed Sessions:

Great Educators Maslow Before They Bloom
This session will inspire your staff to be the educators they always needed! Taking a page from the “I remember that teacher who…” handbook, Reed will help educators re-discover their WHY of teaching, and will emphasize the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships with scholars, both in and outside of the classroom. Each participant will leave this session with dozens of practical, relationship-building strategies which can immediately be implemented in their classroom.

Great Educators Serve their Students of Color
This session will equip educators with the “What to do’s” and “What to say’s” necessary to best serve their students of color, and connect with their families. Mr. Reed will cover a brief history of privilege, prejudice, and power in education (and how these dynamics affect the school system today). Each participant will leave this session with a number of practical ways and actionable strategies to love and serve students who don’t look like them.

Courtney Orzel

Dr. Courtney Orzel is in her 6th year as a superintendent serving Lemont-Bromberek SD113A and has served 22 years in public education. Prior to that she held positions as middle school principal, assistant principal, and teacher. Dr. Orzel has been honored with recognition from the AASA as a finalist for the Women in Leadership Award in February of 2019, has led the IASA SuperWomen initiative in Illinois, and has led numerous workshops, PD sessions, and podcasts. She has two children, Nolan and Elle, and in her free time serves as a Rotarian and teaches as an adjunct professor for aspiring principals and superintendents.

Twitter Handle: @Drorzel

Courtney Orzel Sessions:

Great Educators Transform Organizations through Powerful Storytelling
Every district has a story- but who’s telling it? How powerful are your community connections to get you through challenging times? Join this session to learn one district’s chaos to comeback story and leave with practical ways to transform your organization through powerful storytelling and social media.

Great Educators Support, Encourage and Grow Women Leaders
Where are all the women leaders? In a predominantly female profession such as teaching, why are top leadership roles filled by men? Join this session to learn this isn’t a male vs female issue…this is an issue for all educators! Come to learn, grow, connect and be inspired about this important topic.

Dan Butler

Dan Butler serves as the principal of Epworth Elementary School in Northeast Iowa, focusing on positive relationships with all members of the learning community, high impact instructional techniques, building leadership capacity in others, and establishing successful school cultures. Dan continues to learn, grow, and contribute to education by presenting at local, state, and national conferences about digital leadership, 21st century public relations/communication, continuous improvement, positive psychology/employee engagement, and developing leadership capacity. Dan has received a number awards and was most recently recognized as a finalist for Elementary Principal of the Year in the State of Iowa, as well as the University of Northern Iowa Educational Leadership Legacy award winner and 2017 bizTimes.biz Rising Star in the Dubuque area. He serves as the co-moderator of Iowa Educational Chat (#IAedchat), a weekly Twitter forum held on Sunday evenings at 8:00 CST focused on the latest trends in education. Dan has published various articles to Principal Magazine focused on digital leadership, literacy, productivity. and educator engagement.

Twitter Handle: @danpbutler

Dan Butler Sessions:

Great Educators Cultivate Engagement in their Schools
Human connection matters. Positive culture formed with school personnel lays the foundation for optimal performance. Participants will learn how to grow leadership capacity, improve public relations, while fostering positive relationships within the school environment. Simple, high-leverage routines have allowed this task to be less daunting and provide leaders with the opportunity to grow leadership within everyone on the school team. Participants will walk away from this presentation knowing how to develop and utilize efficient culture building strategies designed to grow leadership capacity.

Great Educators Shape the Message
Establishing, maintaining, and enriching a positive school culture is an essential element that great leaders must master, particularly in an age of extreme accountability measures, high stakes standardized testing, and aggressive school reform efforts. Communication and public relations are necessary skills that great leaders possess, particularly in an age of extreme accountability measures, high stakes standardized testing, and aggressive school reform efforts. Effective leaders shape the message and establish effective communications with all members of the learning community, including teachers, support staff, students, parents, school board members, and other area partners. Social media and other digital tools have allowed this task to be less daunting and provide leaders the opportunity to communicate with large audiences in a highly efficient manner. Participants will walk away from this presentation knowing how to utilize a variety of digital tools to shape an effective message about their schools.

Sean Gaillard

Sean Gaillard, author of The Pepper Effect, has more than twenty years of experience in education as a teacher and school administrator. He is currently principal at Lexington Middle School in Lexington, North Carolina. Prior to that role, Sean served as principal at Wiley Magnet Middle School and John F. Kennedy High School, both located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Sean has contributed various writings for Education Week, “PBS News Hour Extra,” and “Education Closet.” His contributions have also been featured in various books on school leadership and music including Education Write Now: Volume 2. Sean also hosts a blog and podcast, The Principal Liner Notes. Sean founded the Twitter hashtag, #CelebrateMonday, a school culture movement that celebrates positivity in the schoolhouse. Recently, Sean Gaillard was named the 2019 Wells Fargo Piedmont-Triad Region Principal of the Year and served as a finalist for North Carolina Principal of the Year.

Twitter Handle: @smgaillard

Sean Gaillard Sessions:

Great Educators Make Their School a Masterpiece with The Pepper Effect
Learn to shift your approach by envisioning our work as educators through the lense of creating a masterpiece. Artists like Da Vinci and Beethoven approached their respective crafts as being timeless and universal. Why can’t educators do the same? Focusing on the creative and collaborative legacy of The Beatles, this inspirational session will engage participants to hone vision, innovation and creativity into dynamic, sustainable action. Lessons from The Beatles will be applied to transforming a schoolhouse into a masterpiece in service and support of all kids, families and educators.

Great Educators Transform School Culture and #TrendThePositive with #CelebrateMonday
How does one transform a school culture effectively? There are many calls to makeover school culture, but some approaches lack specifics. This session will share the story of how the #CelebrateMonday hashtag can not only transform a school culture but also detail actionable steps to sustain positive action. Participants will be encouraged to engage in share their school’s story and trade ideas to build a positive school culture.

Rosa Isiah

Dr. Rosa Isiah has served students in her community for 25 years. Currently, she serves as Director of Elementary Education. Dr. Isiah is passionate about equity and access, multilingual Ed, leadership, and closing opportunity gaps for historically underserved students. Dr. Isiah’s experiences as an immigrant, English learner, and a child in poverty add to her passion for this work. Rosa is founder of #WeLeadEd Twitter chat and the WeleadED BAMradio podcast focused on Ed Leadership and Social Justice. Dr. Isiah co-authored two books on the whole child, equity, and the power of relationships. She contributes her voice to blogs, podcasts, and books on social justice, diversity, equity, access, and women in leadership. Dr. Isiah was recognized as the Loyola Marymount University 2019 Leader for Social justice award.

Dr. Isiah is a Solution Tree Culture and Equity professional development associate. She has also presented on social justice topics at conferences around the world.

Rosa Isiah Sessions:

Mirror Check: Great Educators Know that Equity and Access Begins With Me
Equity and growth mindset are essential to the development of a healthy culture in our schools. Creating this type of equitable learning community requires a shift in adult beliefs and expectations. Why does this matter? Although students of color and historically marginalized groups are making some progress, we have tremendous work to do to close achievement and opportunity gaps. This work begins with analyzing our own beliefs and behaviors about equity and mindset and the powerful role it plays in our learning communities. Participants will leave this session with an understanding of the impact of equity and mindset on the development of a healthy school culture. Participants will analyze their own beliefs and behaviors and walk away with practical strategies to begin the work.

Great Educators Know If You Care, They Care: At-Promise Students and the Power of Relationships in Our Schools
All students have promise, but what does it take to engage our highest risk at-promise students? The relationships that teachers foster with at-risk youth have the power to positively impact the student’s feelings of connectedness to school. When at-risk students are provided with nurturing and caring relationships, those connections have a significant impact on their academic achievement and social-emotional development. If a student feels that you care, she cares. Relationships matter and those relationships will always lead to success. Participants will gain an understanding of the social-emotional needs of at-risk (at-promise) youth. Participants will explore trust building strategies that better support at-promise students and families.

Twitter Handle: @RosaIsiah

Lissa Pijanowski

Dr. Lissa Pijanowski is the Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Innovate 2 Educate and serves as a Senior Fellow for the International Center for Leadership in Education. She has served public schools for over 25 years and, prior to consulting, served as an Associate Superintendent of Academics and Accountability, Director of School Improvement at the Georgia Department of Education, curriculum director, school leader, instructional coach, and classroom teacher.

Lissa’s new book, Architects of Deeper Learning: Intentional Design for High Impact Instruction provides a future-ready instructional framework for teachers to become Learning Architects and design experiences for students that are both rigorous and relevant. Other publications include articles for Edutopia, Educational Leadership and the Journal of Staff Development as well as contributions to other anthologies focused on instructional excellence. You can connect with Lissa through her website www.lissapijanowski.com.

Twitter Handle: @lpijanowski

Lissa Pijanowski Sessions:

Great Educators Design Experiences, Not Just Lessons
Learning Architects design experiences that are authentic, relevant, and engaging to students. Join Lissa to learn how to design teaching and learning focused on solving complex problems while addressing competencies such as critical thinking, effective communication, and collaboration. As a Learning Architect, you will explore a blueprint for designing student learning experiences while modernizing instructional practices that engage students in meaningful work. Based on her publication, Architects of Deeper Learning (#AODL), this session will provide you with practical ideas for bringing the joy back to teaching and learning. You will leave with a toolbox filled with resources and strategies appropriate for any grade level or content area. Let’s design future ready learning today!

Great Educators Renovate Education, Not Reform It
Education doesn’t need to be torn down; we need to build it up! Building a culture of rigorous learning requires both skill and will. In a learning renovation, we modernize, upgrade, refurbish, and improve upon existing practices. Collaboration among leaders, coaches, and teachers is essential to establish a culture where teachers feel supported in taking risks and empowered to create, innovate, and design authentic and engaging learning experiences. Join Lissa’s session for straight talk about focusing on the right work. For student-centered learning to be achieved, it must be intentionally planned, implemented, and monitored. Tools and resources will be provided so that you can begin your own Learning Renovation in your school or district.

Tony Sinanis

Dr. Tony Sinanis is currently the Assistant Superintendent for HR and Leadership Development in the Chappaqua Central School District Public. Previously, Dr. Sinanis served as a Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction and building principal in both Westchester and Nassau counties. Additionally, Dr. Sinanis received the 2014 New York State Elementary Principal of the Year Award. Dr. Sinanis has presented at both national and local conferences and is a published author, who has co-written three books, including the Amazon bestseller, Hacking Leadership. You can find Dr. Sinanis on Twitter at @TonySinanis!

Twitter Handle: @TonySinanis

Tony Sinanis Sessions:

Great Educators Go From Visible To Present & Engaged As a School Leader – participants in this session will come to understand the visible to engaged continuum and how it relates to their daily work as instructional leaders. The workshop will focus on 5 Leadership Realities and how they relate to being an engaged leader. There will be examples of what a visible leader looks like in their daily work, what a present leader looks like in their daily work and what an engaged leader looks like in their daily work. We will look at everything from the importance of relationships to how we can keep kids at the center of our work.

Great Educators Understand Empathy, Perspective Taking & Kindness As The Keys To Reclaiming Our Humanity In the Classroom – participants in this session will consider the importance of promoting empathy, kindness and perspective taking in our districts, schools and classrooms as a way to better understand ourselves and others. We will explore different types of literature from picture books to chapter books to support and promote this important work in reclaiming our humanity! We will also consider different structures school communities can put in place to support those who have been marginalized.

Kelly Croy

Kelly Croy is the Director of Innovation and Instruction at Port Clinton City Schools in Port Clinton, Ohio. His 28 years in education include 26 as a middle school English teacher and two as a district administrator. Kelly hosts the popular Wired Educator Podcast where he interviews amazing educators & authors from around the world and shares their stories to help teachers level-up and make a difference in the lives of students. Kelly is the author of the nonfiction books: Along Came a Leader: A Personal & Professional Guide to Leadership, and What Everyone Needs to Know About Bullying: How to Get on with Your Life When a Bully Steps Into It. He serves as an adjunct professor at Ashland University teaching courses in instructional practice and curriculum design. Kelly’s work in education has been recognized by the Apple Distinguished Educator Program and he serves on the Apple Distinguished Educator Board for the Americas. He was recognized by Google, as a Google Certified Innovator, and by PBS as a PBS Digital Innovator.

Twitter Handle: @KellyCroy

Kelly Croy Sessions:

Great Educators are WIRED to teach.
Great educators are not born they are made. The host of the popular Wired Educator Podcast will share how you can inspire and coach educators to level-up and transform learning to make a difference in the lives of students. Sharing what he has learned from interviewing hundreds of the most amazing educators from around the world, his 29 years of experience in education, and the leadership principles from his book Along Came a Leader, educational leaders will leave excited to return to their schools to put these strategies in action. Participants will leave this session with:
• Strategies to become a more influential leader in education.
• A vision to make their schools an innovative environment for teachers and students to experiment, fail, reflect and learn.
• The six things children need to hear more often.
• Discovering the five types of people great educators need in their lives.
• How to destroy the myth of the digital native and maximize the implementation of learning technologies.
• Understand the power of teaching in perpetual beta.
• Reasons for being careful about what you label a weakness.

Pat Adkins

Pat Adkins is the Superintendent of the Port Clinton City Schools in Port Clinton, Ohio. Port Clinton Schools have been recognized as a National Forum School to Watch and selected as a Model School by the International Center for Leadership. Pat’s thirty years in education include roles as a high school teacher, director of technology, coach, building principal, and Superintendent. He has not only survived, but has thrived as Superintendent in Port Clinton for 15 years. He is an adjunct professor for Ashland University where he teaches administrative leadership courses. Pat serves as a mentor to new Superintendents and school leaders and has been recognized for his work in creating an elite culture that invests in people over programs. Pat currently works with Focus 3, a Columbus based company that provides disciplined strategies helping schools and organizations achieve an elite culture. Pat has been recognized as Port Clinton’s Citizen of the Year and OMEA’s Outstanding Administrator of the Year.

Twitter Handle: @pcsupt

Pat Adkins Sessions:

Great Educators Build Dynamic Cultures by Investing in People First!
Learn how to build an elite culture by investing in people every day. Every school budgets for textbooks, online programs, and technology initiatives. Every calendar allots time for professional development and data meetings. However, the crucial interpersonal connections and bond building are an afterthought for many. It is relationship building and intentional focus on culture that drives the success of any district. You win with people when you put people first. Don’t let your culture be built by chance, learn how to build it day by day with intention.
Participants will leave with strategies on how to: create an elite culture, build a school calendar that truly fosters and encourages teacher collaboration and mentoring, create a welcoming and on-boarding program for new staff that teaches the behavioral skills teachers really need but aren’t taught in college, develop effective relationships with students and staff, replace leadership meetings with meaningful leadership academies, have critical conversations while building trust, and–most importantly–how to make education fun again!